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At Honest Grace Legal, Theresa serves as a Solicitor, where her natural empathy, curiosity, and thoughtfulness are as much a part of her toolkit as her legal expertise. An ESTJ at heart, Theresa combines her natural leadership with a methodical approach to address the intricate demands of her role.


Theresa's responsibilities encompass:

  • Meticulous Document Preparation: With an eye for detail, Theresa ensures that every document she prepares is both precise and legally sound.

  • Empathetic Client Relations: Her ability to understand and connect with clients sets her apart, making complex legal matters more approachable and comprehensible.

  • Strategic Analysis: Theresa's inquisitive and analytical mindset enables her to unravel legal complexities, offering clear and effective solutions.


Theresa's life outside the office is marked by interests that complement her professional persona. Her passion for reading broadens her understanding of the world, the discipline she shows at the gym mirrors her professional diligence, and her love for hiking reflects her appreciation for both challenge and tranquility.


Theresa's professional journey is geared towards continuous growth. Her aim is to blend her empathetic nature with her legal acumen, striving to become not just an efficient solicitor but a trusted and insightful advisor to her clients.

Theresa is an essential part of Honest Grace Legal's commitment to
excellence and client service.

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