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Lara White, Honest Grace Legal's meticulous Legal Secretary, embodies a unique blend of empathy and organisational excellence. Her ENFJ personality shines through her passionate advocacy and her unwavering commitment to justice, particularly for those in underserved communities. Lara's keen sense of fairness and her innate ability to understand and support the emotional and practical needs of our clients make her an indispensable part of the team.


Lara's role within Honest Grace Legal is multi-dimensional:

  • Advocacy and Support: Lara is the cornerstone of client support, providing empathetic assistance and ensuring that each client's experience is marked by dignity and understanding.

  • Efficient Case Management: Her exceptional organisational skills ensure that case files are handled with utmost precision, facilitating a seamless legal process for both clients and attorneys.

  • Contribution to Legal Strategy: With her deep passion for societal change, Lara offers insightful contributions to case strategies, particularly in areas impacting underserved communities.


Outside the office, Lara cultivates a life full of passion and creativity. Her commitment to a balanced lifestyle is mirrored in her dedication to Pilates, a discipline that maintains her physical and mental well-being. Lara's love for reading allows her to explore vast worlds and ideas, fuelling her continuous learning and enhancing her understanding of the human experience. Furthermore, her talent in cooking and baking showcases her creativity and her enjoyment of bringing joy to others through the culinary arts. These personal interests not only speak to Lara's well-rounded character but also enhance her empathetic approach in her professional life.


Lara envisions a future where her contributions to the legal field extend beyond her role as a Legal Secretary. She is driven by a deep-seated desire to effect tangible societal change through advocacy and legal reform. Lara aims to continue growing her legal knowledge and skills, aspiring to further her impact on the communities Honest Grace Legal serves.

Lara is more than a Legal Secretary; she radiates compassion and commitment, embodying the values of advocacy and excellence that define Honest Grace Legal.

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