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Jenny Westin brings a vibrant energy and positive outlook to her role as Marketing Coordinator at Honest Grace Legal. Known for her dynamic personality and keen eye for detail, Jenny embodies the ENFJ personality traits of empathy, leadership, and a passion for connecting with others.


Jenny's role is at the heart of our firm's marketing efforts:

  • Crafting Engaging Content: With a natural flair for digital communication, Jenny specialises in creating compelling content that resonates with our diverse audience, ensuring our message is not only heard but felt.

  • Strategic Audience Engagement: Her strategies are designed to reach and engage our target audience effectively, utilising her deep understanding of digital platforms to maximise impact.

  • Team Collaboration: A true team player, Jenny thrives in our fast-paced environment, bringing a sense of humour and positivity that uplifts everyone around her, fostering a collaborative and creative workspace.


Outside of her professional achievements, Jenny is an avid explorer of new places, whether it’s the latest bakery in town or a hidden hiking trail. Her love for being active and discovering new experiences speaks to her adventurous spirit and continual pursuit of personal growth and happiness.


Jenny's vision encompasses transforming Honest Grace Legal’s online footprint into a beacon of innovation and connectivity. Eager to navigate the evolving digital terrain, she aspires to craft marketing initiatives that not only showcase our firm's dedication to justice and integrity but also genuinely captivate our audience. Her commitment to pioneering fresh engagement tactics aims to build a community around our brand, one where every interaction enriches our collective journey towards legal excellence. Through her efforts, Jenny seeks to ensure that our digital narrative is both impactful and reflective of the transformative legal work we undertake.

Jenny Westin is more than our Marketing Coordinator; she is a central figure in our mission to communicate and connect, bringing a unique blend of professionalism, creativity, and warmth to everything she does at Honest Grace Legal.

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