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Gamu Makoti excels in her role as Marketing Assistant at Honest Grace Legal, where her charismatic and empathetic nature shines brightly. With an ESFJ personality, she effortlessly combines a strong sense of duty with a warm, sociable demeanour, making her an invaluable member of our marketing team.


Gamu’s key responsibilities include:

  • Dynamic Content Creation: Gamu channels her creativity into designing and producing compelling content that captivates our audience across all social media platforms, ensuring our message resonates through every post and update.
    Social Media Strategy: She expertly crafts strategies that enhance our online presence, engaging with clients and followers in meaningful ways that not only promote our services but also build community.
    Event Coordination: Her organizational skills come to the forefront in managing our firm’s events, where she ensures every detail is perfect, from initial concepts to the final execution.


Beyond her professional life, Gamu is deeply passionate about mental health, an interest that complements her academic background in behavioural science. She’s also a sports enthusiast, avidly following football, basketball, and netball. Her creative side is expressed through music and dance, and she’s involved in fashion styling and modeling, which she pursues as enriching side hustles.


Gamu envisions leveraging her understanding of behavioural science to enhance the effectiveness of our marketing strategies, aiming to foster a deeper connection with our clients and community. She is committed to using her skills to promote not only our services but also the values we stand for at Honest Grace Legal. As she grows within her role, Gamu seeks to innovate and expand her impact, aspiring to make our firm’s marketing efforts as inclusive and engaging as possible.

Gamu Makoti is more than a Marketing Assistant; she is a multi-talented professional whose dedication and vibrant energy significantly contribute to our firm’s success and morale.

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